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Magnetic Stirring Bar Guide

Magnetic stirring is used in a number of common laboratory procedures, yet the importance of selecting the best stirring bar for each particular application is often overlooked. The size of the magnetic stirrer, vessel shape (including the opening of the vessel that the stirbar has to fit through), viscosity and abrasiveness of the materials should all be considered when choosing the size, shape and materials (coating and magnet) of the magnetic stirring bar in order to achieve effective, efficient stirring results.

Brand: Bel-Art Model: Spinbar_Retrievers
Spinbar® Flexible Magnetic Stirring Bar RetrieversRetrieve Stirrers from Lab Sink Drains, Autoclavable.Flexible, Teflon® rod with a powerful Alnico Teflon® coated magnet for retrieving magnetic stirring bars from containers or non-magnetic sink drains and traps.Available in four colors, two magnet s..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Spinbar_Assortments
Spinbox® Magnetic Stirring Bar Assortments Teflon® PTFE Spinbars® with Convenient Storage BoxFDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE low friction coating – Superior Chemical CompatibilityManufactured in a registered ISO 9001:2015 facility, as verified b..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Spinpak_Octagon
Spinpak® Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bar PacksMost Popular Octagon SizesOctagon magnetic stirring bars with integral pivot ring are the most commonly used shape. One size per pack.Alnico magnet encapsulated in FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® brand PTFE Coating – Superior Chemical CompatibilityInterrup..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Spinbar_Saturn
Saturn Spinbar® Teflon® Magnetic Stirring BarMany magnetic stirring bars can be impeded by powders in a liquid, but the Saturn Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bar rises to this stirring challenge.Large sphere at the bar’s center lifts the stirring bar ends while spinningReduced surface contact area allow..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Spinbar_Giant_PivotRing
Spinbar® Giant Polygon, with Pivot RingTeflon® PTFE With Center Molded Pivot RingDesigned for stirring large volumes in vessels such as drums and tanks. A molded pivot ring minimizes the contact area between the bar and the vessel, thus reducing friction and chattering.Marring of plastic containers ..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Spinbar_Giant_noPivotRing
Spinbar® Giant Polygon, without Pivot RingTeflon® PTFE Bars for Large Volume StirringHeavy duty bars for use in stirring large volumes of fluid utilizing large magnetic stirring machines such as the Cool Stir Large Volume Stirrer, H37028-0001 or other large machines.Will fit into vessels with a mini..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Spinbar_MicroBars
Spinbar® Micro (Flea) BarsSmall Sample MixingDesigned for small volume mixing in vessels such as vials, tubes and gradient makers.Particularly useful for environmental testing and life science applications in which small sample volumes need to be prepared and evaluatedAlnico magnet encapsulated in F..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Spinbar_RareEarth
Spinbar® Rare Earth - Samarium Cobalt Magnetic Stirring BarsReduce Spinout in Viscous Solutions!Reduce frequency of spinout in viscous solutions or when stirring at high speeds. The high magnetic field strength of Samarium Cobalt (Rare Earth) magnets can provide up to three times stronger coupling v..
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