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Thương hiệu: Bel-Art Model: H13451-0000
Protective Labeling System provides labels that stand up to harsh laboratory conditions. The clear tape protects labels from the freezer, autoclave, acids, alkalis and organic solvents. Test results prove the tape remains securely affixed with no discoloration after being autoclaved for 40 minutes a..
Thương hiệu: Bel-Art Model: F13373-0000
Avoid fumbling and possible contamination of samples by keeping a marking pen handy and easy to uncap with only one hand. • Ideal for use near an autoclave, incubator, centrifuge, storeroom, freezer or anywhere on the lab bench • Adhesive backed, press-fit Dual Lock™ reclosable fastener can be atta..
Thương hiệu: Bel-Art Model: F13469-0003
Separating Discs for Write-On Label Tape Dispenser (Pack of 3)Separating discs improve the function of Write-On™ Label Tape Dispensers (F13472-0000 & F13473-0000).•Use when loading with more than four rolls of labeling tape..
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