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Thương hiệu: Bel-Art Model: H50025-0320
Adjustable rings hold gloves in place. • H50029-0200 fit 6" Ports including Techni-Dome® F50030-0000, Portable Glove Box H50028-0000, Clear View 1 x 1 F50040-0000 or any glove box with 6" diameter glove port holes; sold per pair • H50025-0320 fit 8" Ports; sold per each..
Thương hiệu: Bel-Art Model: H50029-0200
The Techni-Dome® Glove Chamber provides a generous workspace with a small footprint to preserve benchtop space. The unit’s two-piece construction allows for quick processing of samples. To use the Glove Chamber, simply open the top half, place materials on the included platform, and close the unit. ..
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