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Centrifuge Tube & Ware

Brand: Bel-Art Model: PCR_Racks-81-well_MCT
80-Well Reversible PCR and Microcentrifuge Tube RacksDouble-sided StoragePerfect for benchtop use or freezer storage, these compact, double-sided polypropylene racks accommodate 0.2ml thin-walled PCR tubes on one side while the opposite side holds 1.5ml to 2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes. 80 wells on ea..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: PCR_Racks_96-Well
96-Well PCR RacksCompact PCR Tube Storage and ProtectionDesigned for preparing and storing 0.2ml thin-walled PCR tubes and strip tubes before or after PCR sample processing applications. Compact polypropylene rack has 96 wells that keep tubes securely upright in an 8 x 12 array. Rack has an alphanum..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Freezer_Racks_Modular
Modular Ultra-Low 5 Box Freezer RacksYour Freezer, Racked Your WayEasily configured to customize freezer space, these modular ultra low freezer racks link together side-by-side or can be securely stacked for horizontal and / or vertical storage.Purchase as many or as few as is needed for your specif..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: TestTubeRacks_60_150-places
Poxygrid® 60 &150 Place Test Tube RacksOrganize and Process High Volumes of SamplesChemical and corrosion-resistant steel wire test tube rack is coated with heat-cured epoxy for long life and easy cleaning.Epoxy coatings are unaffected by organic solvents, salts, weak acids and weak alkalisTempe..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: Floating_Racks_ReSafe
PrepSafe Microcentrifuge Tube Mini Floating RacksTabs Keep Tubes Secure & Caps Closed Patent PendingUnique tabs protect your samples from loss and contamination. Place tubes in slots and slide under the tabs to keep tubes in place and caps closed when under pressure, floating or submerged. For u..
Brand: Bel-Art Model: TestTubeRacks_Switch-grid
Switch-grid Test Tube RackOur Most Flexible Rack EverThis innovative, split-frame Switch-Grid™ rack holds up to two different size tubes in the same rack and allows users to quickly switch grids to hold other sizes as needed. Each rack frame includes a set of grids in one size. Grid sets in alternat..
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