Solvent recovery

Laboratory and production equipment is typically rinsed with acetone, ethanol or isopropanol after use. Contaminated solvents are often collected in canisters as liquid waste. In this way, large amounts are accumulated each week. This quantity must be properly stored until discarded and then disposed of for a fee.

Eliminating the solvents used for cleaning not only affects cost and space but also affects their purchase and storage. In addition, such solvent disposal is not environmentally friendly.

Investing in an automated rotary evaporator system to treat and recover this solvent provides a fix here. For example, a company that manufactures pharmaceuticals and medical products purchased packs of Distimatic Industrial Platinum 8. Acetone used for washing is separated from impurities, including silicone oil, so that it can be reused as a cleaning agent. . With distillation rates of up to 25.5 l per hour, pure solvent is quickly supplied again.

Advantages of Heidolph rotary evaporator in solvent treatment and recovery applications

  • High performance glassware set, especially suitable for cleaning solvents
  • Work more efficiently by cleaning the discharge solvent overnight
  • The feed tank can be exchanged or refilled at any time during operation

Heidolph industrial vacuum evaporation system

Heidolph rotary vacuum evaporator

VACUUM evaporator has many different applications in scientific fields. See more about the application here

Currently on the market there are many types of rotary vacuum evaporators.

Goods come from China, Korea, Japan, Europe and America...

So which is the best vacuum evaporator?

To answer that question, we can base on factors.

  • About Quality, reliability, durability
  • About brand and origin
  • About design and technology
  • About the price of the product
  • About after-sales support service

Learn more about detailed questions here

Tegent Scientific Vietnam is the only senior representative of Heidolph in the Vietnamese market in sales and after-sales technical support for Heidolph products.

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