Technical Training on Freeze-Dry Multi-Position Evaporator

Recently, from September 11-15, 2023, at Tegent Scientific's freeze-drying research and technical laboratory, ATS Genevac (UK) conducted training for Tegent engineers on enrichment equipment. , dried SP Genevac samples at Tegent Group's lyophilization technical and research laboratory.

Kĩ Sư từ Tegent được đào tạo từ NSX 2

Engineers from Tegent are trained from NSX 2

Kĩ Sư từ Tegent được đào tạo từ NSX-3

Engineers from Tegent are trained from NSX-3

To be able to support customers professionally, Tegent Vietnam members are always given the opportunity to learn about products and techniques from manufacturers periodically, so that they can advise and promptly support solutions. , handle problems if they arise.

Kĩ sư của Tegent Việt Nam được đào tạo và cấp chứng chỉ từ nhà sản xuất từ EU

Tegent Vietnam's engineers are trained and certified by manufacturers from the EU


Tegent Scientific Vietnam is pleased to be a supporter and distributor of the product

SP GENEVAC (ATS) is a United States (USA) brand supported and exclusively distributed by Tegent Vietnam for lyophilization testing equipment and multi-position concentrators.

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