NeedleTrap (NT) is a needle packed with various sorbents, through which the gas to be analyzed is drawn or pushed. This results in the adsorption or absorption of organic compounds. The bound organic compounds are usually thermally desorbed in the standard injector of a FC and passed to the chromatographic column of the GC for the separation and subsequent detection. The procedure is very similar to the conventional method of thermal desorption on packed tubes. Due to the miniaturization and the modified extraction and desorption kinetics, the NT method is superior to the conventional thermal desorption for many applications. 

NT Design:

  • Luer-Lock connection
  • Lengths: between 50 and 70mm (depending on temperature profile of injector)
  • Dimensions: Gauge 22 (0.72mm/0.4mm) or Gauge 23 (0.64mm/0.35mm)
  • Tip form: cone (side hole, blunt and other format are on request)


NeedleTrap can be packed with all common sorbents, typically mesh 60-80. For screening, iti s recommended to pack a mix of up to Three different sorbents, to cover the boiling point range of all compounds to be extracted (-30°c – 250°C). It is recommended to use Tenax TA (alternatively PDMS or DVB) as the weak sorbent and Carbopack X (medium strong sorbent) and Carboxene 1000 (strong sorbent). Comparing the covered boiling point range of those packing with a Carbopack C, Carbopack B and Carbosieve S III packing, it is obviously that a better extraction over the whole boiling point range of volatiles will be obtained.

Features of NeedleTrap:

  • Handle most VOC applications, e.g. breath gas analysis, odorant analysis, immission monitoring and more
  • Easy to use
  • Achieve low detection limits (ppt – ppb)
  • Give additional information to SPME, as bounded compounds are also analyzed
  • No cryo-focusing required
  • Low sample volumes needed


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