Freezing process in freeze dryer

This is the freezing or pre-freezing stage for freeze-dried samples. Normally, samples are stored in trays or vials, put into a separate deep cabinet or put into a freeze-dryer tray with deep cooling capability directly on the machine.

Giản đồ áp suất và chân không (Gradient) của quá trình đông khô SP

Pressure and vacuum diagram (Gradient) of the SP lyophilization process

  • The pre-freezing or freezing stage in freeze-drying is important to the efficiency and speed of the freeze-drying process.
  • This stage can be divided into heat treatment steps including:
  • The faster the temperature drops, the faster and more crumbly the crystal solidifies.
  • As a result, the freeze-drying process taking place in the freeze-dryer will take longer and be less effective.

Cấp đông mẫu trong máy đông khô

Freeze samples in a freeze dryer

Therefore, choosing a lyophilizer that integrates heat treatment steps to solidify the sample over time during the freeze-drying process is very important, not just simply: "freeze the sample". .

SP Scientific (ATS) USA, is the world's leading manufacturer of lyophilizers, with product lines ranging from laboratory-scale lyophilizers, pilot-scale lyophilizers, and production-scale lyophilizers.

Cấp Đông Vial mẫu trên mấy đông khô SP USA

Freeze Vial level on SP USA lyophilizers

Laboratory Freeze Drying Machine: used for scientific fields such as: Biology and biotechnology, Physical Chemistry, pharmacy, life sciences...

Characteristics of laboratory lyophilizer:

  • Equipped with pre-freezing function (cooling, freezing of samples): can program temperature changes over time with controllable temperature adjustment speed. This step helps control the ice crystal formation process.

Máy đông khô phòng thí nghiệm SP USA Advantage Pro

SP USA Advantage Pro Laboratory Lyophilizer

  • Equipped with heat programming function on sample tray: including primary drying and secondary drying. See more thermal processes in freeze-drying here
  • Primary drying helps remove unbound water.
  • Secondary drying helps remove water that is physicochemically bonded to the substance of interest.
  • Laboratory lyophilizers usually have a 316L stainless steel chamber structure, which helps prevent microbiological cross-contamination.
  • Can integrate automatic vial closing function.

Máy đông khô phòng thí nghiệm SP USA Ultra

SP USA Ultra laboratory lyophilizer

Or equip the function of automatically blowing inert air before closing the vial to help control the vacuum level in the vial before closing the lid.

Lyophilizers have applications such as: polymer lyophilizers, microbial lyophilizers, enzyme lyophilizers...

SP Scientific (ATS) is a freeze-drying machine brand from the United States (USA) supported and exclusively distributed by Tegent Vietnam

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