Depending on the capacity and volume of the vacuum evaporator used, the user can choose the thermostatic tank for the vacuum evaporator or the circulating cooling tank.

Normally, to be able to choose, the user can determine the following usage parameters:

Evaporation volume is laboratory form (1-5 L) or industrial form (10-20L)

Bể điều nhiều tuần hoàn TCS3

TCS3 multi-circulation tank

The parameters of the heating bath are based on:

Usable temperature of the heating bath

  • Cooling capacity (W) is usually considered at 20 oC.
  • Pump speed or flow L/min
  • Typically the equipment used for a rotary vacuum evaporator has a cooling capacity of about 250-400 W at 20 oC.

Bể điều nhiệt Hei-CHILL-250

Hei-CHILL-250 thermostatic bath

With a circulating cooling tank with a capacity of 400-600W, it can be used simultaneously for 2 rotary vacuum evaporators.

For industrial rotary evaporators, the recommended model has a cooling capacity of about 3000W at 20 oC.

Bể điều nhiệt Heidolph Heidolph Heichill 3000

Heidolph Heidolph Heichill 3000 thermostatic bath

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