Factors causing errors in sulfur analysis ASTM 5453 and ASTM D6667

Analyzing sulfur according to ASTM D5453 or D6667 standards has a few things to note. This standard limits samples to gasoline and LPG or solvents, chemicals, and oils.

Factors that can cause errors include random error and systematic error, leading to results that may deviate from the correct value.

  • The temperature of the sample is much different from the temperature of the standard
  • The viscosity of the sample varies greatly
  • Density: pay attention to the density of the sample and standard when converting to ppm and mg/L concentrations
  • High nitrogen content is also a factor that causes errors in sulfur content, due to interference with the analytical spectrum.
  • Note whether there are any air bubbles when injecting the sample?
  • Standard curve used: have QC samples been checked yet? , build a control chart or not? What is the acceptable range?
  • Are the sample concentrations and standard curve appropriate? Normally, a suitable sample concentration of 1/32/3 of the standard series concentration will give results with the lowest error.

Based on the repeatability and allowable reproducibility specified in ASTM standards, typically ASTM D5453 and ASTM D6667, technicians use the basis to provide the most accurate results.


SULFUR ANALYZER 5453 IN PETROLEUM AND ASTM 6667 in LPG are high-value products, with many specialized technical elements: UVF spectrum (UV fluorescence) or photochemical reaction detector (nitrogen)...

Phân tích lưu huỳnh và nitrogen trong dầu

Analysis of sulfur and nitrogen in oil

Therefore, when choosing to invest, you should choose someone with good consulting ability and deep understanding of analysis and technology in oil and gas analysis.

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