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CHOOSE A HEATING TANK FOR A ROTARY EVAPORATOR Depending on the capacity and volume of the vacuum evaporator used, the user can choose the thermostatic tank for the vacuum evaporator or the circulating cooling tank.Normally, to be able to choose, the ..
21 Sep Errors in sulfur analysis ASTM 5453 and D6667
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Factors causing errors in sulfur analysis ASTM 5453 and ASTM D6667Analyzing sulfur according to ASTM D5453 or D6667 standards has a few things to note. This standard limits samples to gasoline and LPG or solvents, chemicals, and oils.Factors that can..
21 Sep Analyzing hand sanitizer using a 1064nm handheld Raman machine
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Hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer gelThe use of hand sanitizer is becoming part of the daily norm. And global demand has grown exponentially in recent months. Hand sanitizers in liquid and gel form are being produced by manufacturing companies around th..
21 Sep Chiller for rotary evaporation
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CHOOSE A CHILLER FOR A ROTARY EVAPORATORDepending on the capacity and volume of the rotary evaporator used, the user can choose the thermostatic tank for the vacuum evaporator or the circulating cooling tank.Normally, to be able to choose, the user c..
20 Sep Technical Training on Freeze-Dry Multi-Position Concentrator
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Technical Training on Freeze-Dry Multi-Position EvaporatorRecently, from September 11-15, 2023, at Tegent Scientific's freeze-drying research and technical laboratory, ATS Genevac (UK) conducted training for Tegent engineers on enrichment equipment. ..
15 Sep Solvent recovery
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Solvent recoveryLaboratory and production equipment is typically rinsed with acetone, ethanol or isopropanol after use. Contaminated solvents are often collected in canisters as liquid waste. In this way, large amounts are accumulated each week. This..
11 Sep Glassware washer in Vietnam
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Steelco glassware washer is the world's leading manufacturer in providing cleaning and sterilization solutions.Tool washing machine includes:Laboratory equipment: Vials, pipettes, volumetric flasks, bottles, beakers, erlen flasks, or other types of t..
11 Sep Freezing process in freeze dryer
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Freezing process in freeze dryerThis is the freezing or pre-freezing stage for freeze-dried samples. Normally, samples are stored in trays or vials, put into a separate deep cabinet or put into a freeze-dryer tray with deep cooling capability directl..
06 Sep Glass washer laboratory in Vietnam
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Glassware washer in VietnamIs the glassware washing machine in Vietnam the most popular? Steelco is a favorite brand in Vietnam.With a series of pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies or state testing centers...using Steelco instrument was..
06 Sep Laboratory freeze-drying machine
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Laboratory Freeze Drying Machine: used for scientific fields such as: Biology and biotechnology, Physical Chemistry, pharmacy, life sciences...Characteristics of laboratory lyophilizer:Equipped with pre-freezing function (cooling, freezing of samples..
06 Sep Rotary Evaporators 1 Littler
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Rotary vacuum evaporator 1LThis is the most popular type of rotary evaporator in the laboratory. This evaporation equipment is very diverse in types and manufacturers.Equipment can originate from Asia such as: China, Korea, Japan... with very cheap p..
06 Sep Rotary Evaporators Laboratory
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Laboratory rotary evaporatorThe Heidolph laboratory rotary vacuum evaporator is used to concentrate, expel solvents or enrich a biophysical and chemical sample...This equipment is used in laboratories with volume sizes of less than 5 liters, the aver..
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