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27 May Sterileware - Your Sterile Reliable Sampling Tools
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SP Bel-Art Sterileware sterile sample handling tools has more than doubled with the addition of multiple powder and liquid sampling tools, as well as select double bagged products for use in multi-zone clean rooms. All Sterileware Sample Handling Too..
20 May Advanced Sample Preparation Technique - NeedleTrap
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NeedleTrap (NT) is a needle packed with various sorbents, through which the gas to be analyzed is drawn or pushed. This results in the adsorption or absorption of organic compounds. The bound organic compounds are usually thermally desorbed in the st..
13 May Your Best Choice of Freeze Dryers
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SP Scientific provides the unique collaboration of three well-known commercial freeze drying brands - VirTis, Hull, and FTS. This positions SP Scientific as a premier supplier of pilot and production freeze dryers / lyophilizers for any application, ..
06 May Advanced Sample Preparation Technique - Thin Film SPME
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Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) is a widely used technique for extraction and concentration. Thin Film Microextraction, in short, TFME or Thin Film SPME / TF-SPME, is one type of SPME. It solves the problems of absorption rate and limit of absorp..
29 Apr Why Measure the Flow Properties of Powders?
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It has been estimated that over 50% of the materials used in all industrial applications were at some stage in a powder form. These powders need to be transported, injected, propelled and be able to pass through various process stages before they ach..
21 Apr Less Stress. More Reliable Connections.
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Perfect column connections for UHPLC and HPLC systems Poorly connected fittings are one of the top reasons for broad or tailing peaks, loss of resolution, and overall poor chromatography. Now, with Agilent InfinityLab Quick Connect fittings, you can ..
15 Apr Delivering Your Complete Aseptic Process Solution
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i-Dositecno mang đến những công nghệ tiên tiến nhất trong lĩnh vực hệ thống chiết rót vô trùng được sử dụng để sản xuất dung dịch nhãn khoa và dung dịch tiêm. Tất cả các máy móc vô trùng đều được chế tạo bằng vật liệu tốt nhất để đạt chất lượng tối đ..
07 Apr Keep Your Cool with Efficiency and Style!
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Lightest, most durable icewares on the market, Magic TouchTM 2 Ice Buckets and Pans have excellent insulating properties for keeping temperature sensitive samples in an optimal environment. Stands Up to Liquid NitrogenMade of FDA Grade MaterialsImper..
31 Mar Our Health depends on the Air Quality
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Do you know…7 millions of deaths are related to Stroke, Heart Disease, Lung Cancer, or Chronic Respiratory Diseases.92% of world population living in places where the air quality levels exceed recommendations.The impact of indoor and outdoor pollutio..
25 Mar SampleGenie – Smart Method of Drying Large Volumes Directly into Vials
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SampleGenie technology, in conjunction with Genevac Rocket Synergy, HT and EZ-2 series evaporators, enables large sample volumes to be dried directly into vials, eliminating a number of time-consuming sample handling steps and the attendant risk of e..
17 Mar Submicron simultaneous IR+Raman microscopy combines optical photothermal infrared spectroscopy (O-PTIR) with Raman - PSC mIRage
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Submicron simultaneous IR+Raman microscopy combines optical photothermal infrared spectroscopy (O-PTIR) with RamanFTIR and Raman infrared spectroscopy for material analysis are well established, mature technologies that have their practical and theor..
17 Mar The Ideal Partner for Your Laboratory Activities - Steelco Sterilizing Autoclaves
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Steelco develops, manufactures and supplies solutions that maximize infection control safety, optimize processes and minimize costs. Steelco provides a complete range of reliable washer disinfectors and automations focused on high cleaning results an..
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